A bomb next door?

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A bomb? Secret police meetings, wired letterboxes? Is it a new Dan Brown novel? No, its actually my next door neighbor!!

So I had been here all night (and day) doing work on a website system for client, my mum had been at Cribbs Causeway ‘investing’ some money, so the usual she calls up to say she’s outside and needs a hand with the shopping. Shes disabled and cant get it herself with ease, so we are generally called to help.

I go out the front door, and I see a little spec of blue light across the road. It was pitch black, apart from the street lights lining either side of the A mystery box!in some musky orange glow, but the little light was clearly visible from where I was standing, some 30, maybe 40 feet away.

I thought nothing of it originally, just thought it was some sort of reflector from a bike. So I just close the front door, and walk around the side to help my mum out. I was wondering, blue isn’t really a reflector for anything apart from police cars, so I was a little confused.

As I was straining the 4 bags of clear winning investments into the house my mum goes “What on earth is that light over the road?”. So I thought I would go and have a look at what on earth it was. I walked down the road a little, as I didn’t want the neighbors being suspicious and knowing it was me. When I walked along I noticed that the light was actually a blue LED, and oddly it was attached to a middle of a wire.

I thought I would check it out, so I followed the wire. I ran along the base of the side of a house, the house has been doing a lot of DIY work, and has a lot of random junk dumped around the side of the house, and the wire was almost camouflage into it all. The wire then ran out into the pathway slightly, and very oddly into a lunch box.

I hesitated for a moment, instantly thinking “This could actually be a bomb about to explode in my face”, but curiosity got the better of me, so I knelt down to look at this lunchbox. I was a little hesitant to put my face close enough to see it, but what I saw was a thick black circuit board, and in the middle was a yellow LED, and it was blinking.

Okay, I admit it, I did kinda crap myself for a second. Then thought, if this moves and I call the police Im the one that will look a fool, so I ran back into the house to grab the nearest camera – my phone.

I done the same tactic, this time going out the back door, and walking around the side of the house, walking down the road a little, then crossing over. Just as I crossed the road I thought it might be a good idea to record to start to recordĀ  this now in case someone was watching. Its nothing very clear but ive attached a video of the mystery box and my discovery below, check it out and see what you think yourself.

A mystery box!

After I recorded that, I went straight back in the house and rang the police, I never took it too seriously too be honest, just the attitude of “better safe than sorry”. I never rang “999″, just the local station. I explained the situation, and she immediately said “Hold please.”, and I was immediately transferred to a deep voiced man; “Communications room, how can I help you?”. I quickly explained again, and he said, “one moment.” I was then after a brief pause transferred to another woman; “Security room, can you tell me your house number please?”.

I told her my number and road name, “Weston-super-Mare, is that correct?”, “..yeah, thats right”. I then was quizzed for about five minutes with alot of weird questions; “Did you see a timer display on the package?”, “Did the package contain an analogue clock?”, “Did you hear a soft buzzing, ticking or noise of any kind coming from the package?”, “Did you notice anyone in the immediate area acting suspiciously?”. Where as I thought it was just junk, now Im thinking maybe it wasn’t…

As I was on the phone to her, a man appeared at the door, stuck his head out, looked around then started to pull the wire pack through the letterbox, then he shut the door, I got a good look at him, tall white male, thin, a little bit of muscle, was topless (you tell me), in jeans, shortish light brown hair. I told her this as it was happening, she said would I agree to meet two police officers, and I said sure. Then the lady said thanked me, and hung up.

About 2 minutes later, the phone rang, and it was another lady; “There are two officers on an intersection near your location, are you in a position, and are you comfortable with leaving your house to meet these two men?”, and I was like “umm sure.” So I actually went out and met two men down the road, I was told I had to introduce myself as “Chris the informant”, now it was like some sort of operation, it was brilliant!

I explained to them about it, showed them the video, they started blabbering about terrorist cells, and I laughed, but they weren’t to happy with that, so I thought I would take the situation more seriously. I showed them the house that had the wire, and near where the container was, and they waited until I was out of sight before approaching the area and looking round. I never saw much else until I was back inside the house, where I recorded the police having a conversation with the man, I couldn’t see well, or hear anything, but the police seemed satisfied and went after a few minutes.

What I want to know, is what on earth was that all about, a random lunchbox, “a bomb”, terorist cells. What on earth?? Was an entertaining night none the less! What do you think it was? The police seemed satisfied with everything, but it was obviosuly something fishy going on. Did the police not believe me? Then again, if it was somthing, why did the man use a lead with a bright LED on it?

Tell me your thoughts, I need piece of mind for closure!

A mystery box!

(ive been having a few problems adding the videos, but il sort it out – watch this space!)

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