Anti-Religion Brainwashing

POSTED BY Kirgy November 2nd, 2011 : 0 COMMENTS

Television is silent when the world of religion has earthquakes. There’s not a flicker of a pixel. Not a huff of a breath on BBC news when a church member, suffering from blood loss to their dying hand, gets miraculously and instantly healed through prayer. An act which surpasses human understanding is omitted from our broadcasts. Yet we see the natural ever evident on those boxes in the corners of our lives. Floods, fiscal debt, the new technologies, hadron colliders malfunctioning, China’s growing space programme. We are drawn to these stories, we hear, we see, we desire the story.

But if the miraculous healing is true – and I believe it is – why is this omitted? The marvel of the miraculous healing, the potential for an overthrow of the NHS. The potential crumble of the American medical industry; if it were true.

Why is the supernatural omitted, disregarded, ignored, shunned and forgotten? Is it our culture? Is this world where there is nothing but the natural, the material all that there is? Is this galaxy we have begun to crawl into the only reality? Born to be educated, taught how to navigate the troubles and joys of planet earth, how to gain a job, become successful. Is this all that there is? Post-modernity is his name – this material world which disregards the world now confined to our minds, banished to a building on a Sunday.

When did the supernatural become the sub-natural? Being told through delegation where to go? The supernatural is here, amongst our materials. Its on our office desk, its in our coffee cups, its in our wallets, its even in our sex lives. The supernatural, the ‘sub-ordinate’ of this world is ever present, yet ever ignored. It is ever visual, yet ever unseen. It screams at you from the roofs of our concrete jungles, yet we are so deaf to hear it.

This bewildering world of the supernatural that is tapping our shoulders and whispering in our ears, is drowned by post-mdernity’s celebration of the ego, of the self, of the me-obsession.

I want, I need, I believe. When did what is true become so, because I decided so in my mind; is truth based upon my thoughts? My Feelings? My emotions? My desires? My belief? Are we trapped here ever seeing but never perceiving? Ever hearing but never understanding? If we could see and believe would we abandon this life we are content in struggling through? Is the bedrock of our beliefs – the world of me and skepticism – hindering us from believing? Are we brainwashed into the natural?

Television may not run a feature of the miracles of the supernatural of the concrete jungle, but it is there, ever evident amongst the static of the empty channels. Why doesn’t the world believe in the supernatural? Why is it omitted from pop culture? Its because of the soil which we take root. The bedrock of our lives. If only we could step outside of the world of me then we might perceive the unseen. If we would dare to take a chance to step out of our cultures shackles would we discover the freedom, the life, the incredible unbelievable reality hidden in screams and flashes amongst our busyness.

If only.

Then we might believe in the reality that is the almighty mystery of the supernatural God.

(Mark 4:12)

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