Moorlands and Questions of Creation

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Ive finaly started my Degree at Moorlands, and Its blindingly brilliant. When I had arrived I thought there was no chance I was staying here at all, but as the orientation week (appropriatly nicknamed disorientation week) Ive come to love it more and more.

The first week was just information overload. All that happened was lecture after lecture and meeting new people, being told what I had to do for 6 hours a day and being mentally distorted to the extend that I wanted to leave.My disability really effected me the first week, I was in so much pain that I actually took painkillers which I try to never take.

But It got better really, once the weekend set in it started to feel much more like home, and now that Ive been here nearly two weeks Its amazing. The community atmosphere is unique to the world Ive known; everyone is just so supportive and simply loving. Sure, its reality; people muck up and cause problems still, but the key difference is the willingness for people to apologise to you and people rebuking each other without offending.

I’ve noticed Ive started to articulate my words much more as Ive been knee-deep in heavy theological literature, but I can still talk ganster. Innit blood.


Now its week 3, after orientation week (confusing I know, this has been written in parts!), Ive completed my first essay; Briefly summarise the life of a well-known Christian worker and discuss two noteworthy points that arose from their life and/or ministry. It was surprisingly difficult, not because of the content mainly, but because of its structure. I havnt got he results back yet, it will probably be some time next week I would imagine. If I get 40 marks then I pass! WAHOO! If not I fail, damn.

All in all, I’m loving this place now, its awesome. Really Awesome. Even if I dont understand the point of a Calvinist. Actually, no Im not going leave this here, this is making me angry!

In basics of what I understand (correct me if Im wrong), but a Calvinist basically believes (in its strongest form) that man has no will over salvation, and that God predestined us to be saved or condemned. I really struggle with this for a couple of reason:

  1. A world with free will is greater than a world without free will, there for God would create a world with free will. (Plantinga)
  2. God created man to have a relationship with him (Jn 3:16), in order for man to have a relationship, man must love, in order for man to love, man needs free will, in order for man to have free will, man needs to ability to be able to sin (go against God’s will, that is to love him); there for the ability to chose to not love God.

But if God created man like this, but destined some of us not to chose him I have a problem. this surely would mean that God didn’t give man the will to chose to love him? God created man for the sake of it? Why would Christians be commissioned to “spread the word of God” if in the end it makes no difference to God’s will?

What kind of God can create a man that cant truly love. I dont believe you can love without the will to chose to. Love is something much bigger than a set of emotions or chemical patterns. Love is something deeper and greater than anything you can imagine, love is the root of everything good. Love is the ultimate goal of everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. That is love right there. You dont have to fully understand it to understand love is right there – that a God that is loving would chose to love us. Surely man created in God’s image would need the ability, the will to chose to love him back, a forced relationship isnt a relationship to me.

That’s  a glimse of whats in my head right now, but after a day consisting of a Greek exam, heavy theology and now knowing I got to be up in 8 hours I shall attempt sleep. Tell me what you think of my thoughts if you like. If your reading this from a secondary feed (i.e. Facebook), you can read it in its orginal form at

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