Moorlands Countdown

POSTED BY Kirgy August 25th, 2009 : 0 COMMENTS

Moving out of home for the first time is weird. Its just a month until I start Moorlands, a Theology College, a short distance east of Bournmouth; in Christchurch.

And even now I recognise the times is moving fast; as I start writing this, its gone from 28 days to 27 as my windows clock has ticked past midnight.

Its been hectic the past week, Im still scrapping the last of the money together that I need for the first year, and Im still to fill in the student finance forms properly.

Ive spent the past 2 weeks running round meeting with Martyn, who I building a website for (losit fast). Its taken up ALOT of my time, on top of this I’ve been trying to get some reading sorted for the coming September 21st.

Ive been reading a book called “How to Think Theologically“, its basically a beginners guide. Its not a theology book, its a book ab out the processes about how to go about thinking Theologically. Ive actually learnt so much; embedded theology, deliberative theology. How and why to collaborate theology. And its got me pretty excited for the Applied Theology degree.

Ive already started to read my next book on the list; “Discovering the Old Testament“. Its quite an inspirational book, it talks about why the “old” testament is important to a Christian faith, and why we should bother reading it.

Ive only read 20 pages of it, but even so far its got me fired up for theology. The way it talks about how Jesus read and used the scripture to fight the everyday battles. The way Jesus used it to fight even Satan face to face. Its what Jesus breathed and knew from his heart every single second. Its so awesome!

Ive got so many more books to buy, yet alone read. And these books arnt found down your local library, they’re only found on scarce websites and through amazon marketplace sellers. I know the Word of God is sacred, but I didn’t think it was hidden away!

The books for Uni are so expensive, the Bible’s I need alone are £70, the books I need to have with me by the time Im there are a minimum of £120. Then I get recommended books from classes – and that’s even more! Basically, I cant afford it…but Im sure God will provide some way or another, Ive got this far haven’t I!

If you fancy buying me a chapter of a book for my uni course (which I’l say again; I can just about afford!) Then you can click my PayPal donation below. If you think im bonkers and cant see a thing, then make sure your on my blog and not an import- visit

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