Moorlands Mission: Day 1

POSTED BY Kirgy May 29th, 2010 : 0 COMMENTS

for those who don’t know (or have been in a box for the past 6 months); I’m currently studying for my degree at Moorlands Bible college. As part of the degree we gp, as a tutor, on an annual mission.

This year our tutor group (The Horders) have been sent to Southhampton to work in an amazing and massive church that will be hosting a massive holiday club for infant and junior aged kids.

Today has been quite exciting really! I havn’t hae much chance to think about the mission as I’ve had this essay due (damn you Sinkinson!), but seriously these guys are amazing.

We set off at about 2, and went straight to our host church, where we had a chance to explore the building, and just meet some guys.

After a brief meeting with Sammy – the youth pastor about accomidation and the week ahead we all went our seperate ways to find our host houses.

Pete, Dan and I are staying at an amazing couple who live right next to the common here in southhampton. Dan isn’t here yet and he has been getting engaged or something bro’s before hoes! I’m joking – congradulationa on the engagement!

Me and Pete have had the chance to just spend some time with them – cooking and eating the best stew I’ve ever had ( I hope mum reads this!).

We just relaxed this eveming drinking some wine and watching the eurovision (which Im glad Germany won).

Tomorrow is a busy day, weve got a fair few church services to attend, and we even get the chance to hear a preach from the vicor of Bagdad! We shouldnt have much to do tomorrow just getting to know the church, so it shouldnt be too tiring.

Anyway, Ive got to be up early, so I should be off, give us some prayer and some prayer for the kids during the week if you get a spare moment. See ya!

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