Moorlands Mission: Day 2

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Today was such a tiring day, but man, what a bunch of great church services!

Today, naturaly being a Sunday, meant that we attending 3 church services at our mission church – highfield church here in southhampton. The church is a very quiet (by my standards anyway!) church of England church. The building is beautiful and looks fairly old. It has a massive adjacent building which is used for various groups and admin throughout the week. Our first service we had today was at 9:30, which was a really nice youth service. The next was almost imediatly after where we first heard from Andrew White, the vicor of Bagdad. Here is seriously cool and halarious!

We were pretty much humiliated (but it was quite fun) in front of the whole church by being made to see and dance to a kids song none of us knew! 8t broke the ice anyway :)

The people in the church ae awesome, well, the ones that speak to us anyway, they all seem quite reserved. Maybe thats just C of E?!

After the morning service we went over to the pavillion gardens and enjoyed an amazing hog roast (mmm im so glad im not Jewish at these times) and got to soak up the sun with my fellow tutees whilst listening to Andrew White speak. He is so funny! For a man working on the front line in a conflict zone he sure has a lot of faith and passion. He also has MS I found out today, but is recieving stem cell treatment (from his own body). I really admre the guy, after having 40+ assasin attempts on him he can still hold a genuine smile whilst resighting scripture about having no fear.

After th amazng hog roast, we headed back to the church building to try and set up the church a bit for the guys in the week. By this point my disability had got the best of me and I really struggled from n, but the guys are such a blessing and Im so glad they take care to tell me to sit down. Especialy Barbara, she is such a straight to the point encourager!

Come 4 o’clock me Dan and Pete headed back here to Harrietes and enjoyed an another amazing meal! It was Lamb on some crazy bean mash and mmm it was goooood! (mum, i hope you payihg attention). We didhnt stay long before he headed off to church a final time for a packed to the doors service!

We heard some more amazing stories, which would take a whole blog of their own to justly comment on.

We all then headed off to a pub for a while, enjoyed a few jokes by the newly engaged Dan (shocking!) and a deep conversation of deliverance, before calling it a night – via a cabab shop, of course!

A big day ahead tomorrow with rehersals for the daily acts we, pete and dan will be doing so I’l head off to the land of Nod (not the cane and able one) and get some sleep.

I’l keep you posted as adventures unfold! Byzies!

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