My Polygamous Love

POSTED BY Kirgy March 7th, 2011 : 1 COMMENTS

I sent this to my girlfriend, Lucy Evans. I knew she didn’t appreciate its absolute genius so I’ve given it to my second love in our secret polygamous relationship – the Internet.

I love you more than facebook,
More than the new htc desire z and xboxes converted into 1tb media servers.
I think your prettier than the iphone’s retina display,
Yet still cuter than a micro usb cable.
You’re more important to me than a PSK non-adhoc wifi network in my home,
and more funny than windows pursuit into the mobile phone market.
I am truly in love with you, my one and only Internet.

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  1. janet brown says:

    Dear Chris I am entering a new world of Blog. I am not sure what I am meant to do but I see I can reply here so I am . Yr polyg love for yr internet is a whole world of names liek PSK non adhoc which I havent got a clure about !!! Just to say hi and hope you are OK.
    I wanted to write more abt Jesus and the law. He said, you have heard it said that you need to love ..but I say, go further and love yr enemies etc
    Will be good to see you when you come home

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