Spontanious Sonisphere 2009

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Guitar solo’s on speaker towers, crazy cover bands, talks of inhaling testicles. Sonisphere was amazing.

I never even planned on going, but Ive got to say thanks a million to Lucy my over half for giving me a ticket to the International festival for free. She won it through a competition on FanShake winning two tickets. She sold one to a some random dude, and gave the remaining ticket to the person she loves the second most (second to M Shadows as I discovered by the end of the weekend…). She actually already had a ticket herself, which is why she gave both away, if you were confused there for a second.

It was practically a miracle I was even able to go. I had £30 in the bank when I found out I was going on Wednesday, and had to figure out how to get across the country to Knebworth in time, despite food, drink and obviously a Tshirt and USB wristband.

Just as I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to afford to go I got a funny phone call by a guy named Martyn, who was in desperate need to give me lots of money.

Martyn is some sort of personal trainer, and an acquaintance of my friend Craig who works on the Wheel in Weston-super-Mare. He was suppose to be building a website for his business – Lose It Fast. But like many people who try to build their own website for the first time, he had little or no experience in website design and construction. So after struggling for several months the word of mouth had spread of my skills of the trade and I was getting yet another phone call for another website job.

The main problem was is he wanted it done in just two days! Ive done a fair few contract website jobs now, but 2 days was a new achievement for me. So I met with him the same day, we drew up some very very quick specifications, and 48 hours of caffeine, screwed up paper, hair loss and heart failure later; LoseItFast.co.uk was swimming the net. By Friday I was given £100 and that was immediately spent on a train ticket for the following day – thanks First Great Weston for an obviously fair price of £44 for transport! Bloomin’ thiefs!

Stress aside, I managed to navigate myself through the train network, and with the help of a new acquaintance; Matt AKA Dave (God knows why) we managed to jump along the tubes of London. Even if we didnt quite understand the whole process and ended up walking from a tube station to London’s Kings Cross to catch our train to Stevenage.

Once we arrived in Stevenage we queued like true Brits for nearly an hour, before being coached to the new Sonisphere Festival in nearby Knebworth. The whole weekend was amazing, with bands such as Mettalica, Linkin Park, Airbourne, Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed & Cambria, Machine Head, The Used, Feeder and hundreds more. It was was truly brilliant, despite the persistent British drizzle.

I did get some snap-shots of the Festival, your have to excuse the quality of my camera, as it was attached to my Nokia E71.

As you can see it was pretty awesome. I couldn’t resist forking out 20 quid for a USB wristband (the black band added to my collection of festival bands on my wrist). You can wack it into a computer and download exclusive content from the European festival as it becomes available. Hopefully I’l get some awesome vids. Im blatantly going to take advantage of its storage capabilities, its only 1 gig, but Im sure I can think of something fun to do with it. *plots scheme*

With the spontanious festival now over, the only downsides were when we lost out tent for 2.5 hours in the pouring rain – believe me, I was unbelievably stressed out. And now Ive got back Ive done some nasty business to my leg, and the doc says just to not work on it for a week or so and see how it is. Brilliant advise there guys.

Anywho, I best be off for now, I’l add another post as something interesting happens. I’l practicaly love you if you leave a video comment below. If your wondering what on earth im on about, make sure you reading this blog from my site: http://kirgy.co.uk/?p=3

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