The Then Dead Man, The Now Dead Spirit?

POSTED BY Kirgy March 2nd, 2011 : 3 COMMENTS

One woman in her 40′s died of swine flu just one week ago in the church here in Berkamsted. Leaving behind a husband and three children. At the same time a woman in her 80′s here is baffling doctors as the terminal cancer she was diagnosed with has vanished without a trace.

It has become apparent that to work a life in the ministry, you need to live a life filled with the Spirit. I have begun to notice that simply living a life aspiring to be the good guy simply isn’t good enough. What is making me angry is the Church crawling without the Spirit, relying on religion to guide the way. Content with an apparent ideology of a scripture-only faith. One where God is dead – living in the mourning of Jesus and the desperate hope of some kind of afterlife.

Why isn’t the Church living the Spirit filled life of Acts2? Is it that God has changed, or is it that we have changed?

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  1. Agree. Some parts of the church around the world are seeing what you want to see in action now though. Could be the problem here in the “west,” is that we have too much and are not really consecrated to His ways. Anyway, to quote an old hymn, “Send a revival Lord, start the work in me.” Starts with me always. Whatever others do you do what you must do, John 21:22. Go for it Chris. Acts 17:6 JV and NKJV – turn the world upside down. Amen. Ralph

  2. Kirgy says:

    It’s worth to point out at this point that I wasn’t referring to the church here – although I wouldnt completly exclude the comments either. They are struggling somewhat, but the pastor is such a great leader. If only a small minority would listen!

  3. Liam Maguire says:

    I think you raise a really good point in your post Kirgy. However, I think the main problem isn’t a lack of the Spirit, I think that is only a symptom. I personally feel that it is that some churches just don’t get the gospel.

    They diligently study scripture, but don’t diligently preach the gospel to those who are lost and those being saved. It is ironic in a way, that they can’t see the wood for the trees… Unity around the Gospel brings change AND the spirit’s empowerment among over things.

    My two cents.

    Great blog, keep it up! Skinny

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